"I've walked my own darkness."

Describing what I do is an interesting task. My path as a professional has taken me in many powerful and enlightening directions. I've worked with couples, inner-city high risk youth, anxiety treatment centers for youth, drug addiction in youth and adults, adult community mental health, spiritual/religious therapy, adolescent youth who have sexually offended, and typical private practice clientele

Literally and figuratively I've been all over the map. I'm so grateful for my experiences with so many different people because it's fostered within me a powerful trait of empathy. I love people. My wife can verify that weekends can be more tiring than the week because I want to socialize so much. People are just awesome and so are our individual stories. 


I also know I relate to people as much as I do because I've walked my own darkness and faced the monsters living there. I've endured and conquered many things with God; such as watching my father endure and succumb to a devastating illness called ALS or Lou Gherigs disease, chronic infertility throughout my marriage, adoption of four beautiful children, addiction, college athletics creating severe performance anxiety, shame and perfectionistic beliefs, very difficult relationships, and many others. I'm not afraid anymore of my darkness and I'm passionate about others not being as well. 

If you get to know me, you will quickly understand a few things. I work hard. I want you to work hard. I care deeply about you. I love attacking fear and shame. I work from the inside out, not the outside in. I challenge the people I care about. I'm very much imperfect. I'm genuine and sincere in what I do. I'm addicted to seeing people face their fear...themselves.  

  • I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

  • I'm a Public Speaker.

  • I'm a Performance Specialist and Corporate Coach.

  • I'm a specialist in Anxiety and Depression.

  • I'm a specialist in Relationships.

  • I'm a specialist in Addiction.

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